K.L.B. Barsotti is a writer and artist living in the historic neighborhood of Columbus Park in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, with three cats, a bundle of rats, one husband, and one father, who taught her to be a full-fledged troublemaker and grumbletonian, for which she is forever grateful.

According to some people, Kate has too many typewriters.

Recent Publications

Highlights, January 2019. “Song of Land, Song of Sea.”

What’s a Snawfus?

Ah, happy you asked. According to the inimitable Vance Randolph:

The snawfus, according to some backwoods folk, is just an albino deer with certain supernatural powers, puzzling to human beings, but not dangerous.

Some say it was wings, or leaps into treetops, or has boughs in place of antlers, heavy with white dogwood blossoms. The blue-haze mist of the Ozark mountains is the breath of the snawfus.

And the ponjureen? Even more mysterious.